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Introverts are people who do not work well in social life, and thrive best alone. They care to think and learn about life. They are not good at superficial conversations, but thrive better in deep, philosophical conversations with their close friends. In their close friends company there is fun and love, but in big groups there is anxiety and boredom.

Most of all they love to be alone. On the outside they can seem arrogant and boring – but in their head there is an explosion of thoughts!  Fantasies you have never seen before. Not many people get to see this side, and it can seem wierd to strangers. Introverts live in their very own peculiar world.

I see the introvert as a cat. A cat is a bit reserved , but always confy with one special person, with whom they relax and share all their time with. A cat sitting by itself, quiet, enjoying the peace to think – because believe me, they think BIG and have big dreams. In this collection i will open up to that incredible world a introvert live in. But just a brief look – the rest you gotta earn and see for yourself.