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The collection is available for rent and sale. Stylists can loan pieces for commercial purposes.

b u r G A I A

GAIA – the name of Mother Earth, deriving from Ancient Greek, and also the origin of my own surname, Burgaya.

From Greek mythology, it tells the story of the force that is giving all life, enduring through difficult times always maintaining an intricate balance.

Gaia emerges as a tribute to the core essence of womanhood – vulnerability.

This is a collection that humbly celebrates the resilient spirit of the female form and mind, where vulnerability becomes a testament to unwavering strength.

In a world that sometimes misinterprets vulnerability as weakness, GAIA seeks to illuminate an undeniable truth: vulnerability is, in reality, an incredible source of strength.

A simple garment is vulnerable in the way that it shows all imperfections, all creases and loose threads – everything will show, when there is nothing to distract the eye.

It takes courage and strength to show a simple garment, and it takes trust in my own abilities as a seamstress and a designer.

This is a direct paralel to the courage it takes for a person to stand forth, being vulnerable and show their weaknesses, aknowledging that it is the first step for real growth.

Everybody will see everything, but you are strong because of it.

The dresses are inspired by the female form and greek statues.

Though the female body cast in marvel stands strong, even stone can appear like delicate silk, gently draped upon the body letting the soft round shapes, show vulnerability and softness.

The designs provoke us to become strong and confident in our skin. Standing tall while baring your skin, is not an easy task, and this becomes a way of visualising the difficulty of being open and vulnerable.

All materials for the collection are deadstock fabric of natural fibers, constructed and sewn by hand.

All designs can be altered, to fit the bearer, in the most comfortable way.

Please get in touch to receive full information of materials and certifications.