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About me

My name is Patricia Burgaya Fladmose Madsen – as my name indicates, I am half Danish and half Catalan.
Since I was a child, the dream of making clothes was the only one in my mind and I have been determined to achieve it.

I got my degree from Copenhagen and since then worked my way through internships in fast and slow fashion, moved around Europe and have now established Casa Burgaya – my house of sustainable Fashion Design.

What can I offer?

Casa Burgaya is a sustainable fashion design company, divided into three categories;

BURGAYA made-to-order collections

Freelance Fashion Design

Textile Agency


The name ‘Burgaya’ is a family name from Catalonia where my mothers familiy is from. That part of me is very important for me and also shown in the logo, where the four stripes symbolize La Senyera – the catalan flag.


As a fashion designer, you have a GREAT responsibility to our planet.
I want to be part of a revolution, where we as fashion designers take part in stopping the poisenous way of producing and consuming clothing.

We have to stop the horrible polution we are contributing to. Not only the nature is suffering, but also the people producing the clothes – and often they do not have a choice because of the conditions they live under.

That is the reason for my slow business model and why I always work with certified materials and productionsites – both with BURGAYA and in my freelance work.