About me

My name is Patricia Burgaya Fladmose Madsen, and i was born 20.01.1997 in Odense. I am part catalan and part danish. Since I was a child, the dream of making clothes for a living, has dominated my mind, and I have been determined to achieve it.  In 2015 I was accepted in to The Copenhagen Academy  of Fashion Design, and commuted 4 hours a day, until I graduated in 2017, and earned my degree as a Fashion Designer.
During the years I have made 5 major projects – see more in the section portfolio – been interning at Barabara Clothing and Natex as a designassistant, and worked several times at CPH FW as a dresser. I now live in Florence, Italy.

What can I offer?

Currently I am looking for fashion related jobs – such as; patternmaking, technical drawing or sewing – or fashion internships.
Meanwhile, I am designing and sewing clothes under the name ‘Burgaya’, to keep gaining experience, and continuing with what I love.
The name ‘Burgaya’ is a family name from Catalonia where my mothers familiy is from. That part of me is very important for me and also shown in the logo, where the four stripes symbolize La Senyera – the catalan flag.
If you want to see more of my qualifications, you can click and see and/or download my resumé below:


My target group is young women, who just found themselves. Some who want to differentiate themselves from the crowd, but not catch to much attention. All in moderation is key for this woman. It is for women who wants a twist in their daily wardrobe, and be able to show some personality through their clothes.
Other than fashion, I have another passion close to my heart –  environment.

As a fashion designer, you have a GREAT responsibility to mother nature. I want to be part of a revolution, where we as fashion designers take part in stopping the poisenous way of producing fabrics. We have to stop the horrible polution we are contributing to. Not only the nature is suffering, but also the people producing the clothes are suffering – and often they do not have a choice because of the conditions they live under.
We have to start producing ecologic and fairtraded clothing, and more important – make the consumers buy less. Teach them to invest in clothing of good quality, that can last through seasons, and be styled in a thousand ways. We need to make more versitile clothing, so it can be used in different ways, so the consumer does not feel the need to change their wardrobe every season.