What I do

good girl gone RIOT is my first independent collection!

The collection is inspired from the punk culture in the 80’es that provoked a revolution – and that is what we need now again.

I am making the collection in the name of SUSTAINABILITY. We need to riot and we need to go together to make sure the world will survive! It is all of our homes, that are being ruined and threatened with extinction, so we must act now!

As fashion is one of the biggest sinners in this problem, we designers must take responsibility! We have to remake the businessmodels! We must create garments that are in such a quality, and in such clever design that we want to keep it for many seasons. In general i think we should stop talking in seasons all together, because it is nothing but a way to make more money.

I will not make collections in seasons, but i will make collections, when it makes sense, when my creativity sparks, and i have something at heart. I will never create in the service of just making money.

So how does BURGAYA work?

When i launch my collection, it will only be available to order.
When you put in an order with me, the style will be custommade to fit you specifically, to ensure the best fit and to get the most use out of the garment.

It will all be handcrafted, sustainably made, and the textiles are bought from manufactures with no minimum demand.

Read about how it is sustainably made here.

In this way, we ensure that there will minimum waste!