good girl gone RIOT


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Humankind once lived alongside the nature,
respecting its resources and other living creatures.
This has changed drastically over the last 100
years – and this short amount of  time, could
turn out to be fatal. Earth is now facing one of
its  biggest threats in a long time, and so are
we humans. So it is time now to turn the tables
– to look at the consequenses of our egocentric
One of the biggest threats to Earth is the fashion industry.

Fashion is a part of everybodys
life. We all need clothes – but the need has
turned to greed, and we consume resources so
fast, we are having trouble upholding them.
We have an urge to get stuff faster and cheaper
and we are mindlessly clicking stuff home
online – it doesn’t matter to us anymore if the
quality is nice and durable. Does it fit in to the
rest of our close t? Do I need it? Does this trend fit me?
But most importantly, we don’t think of who
made it, and at what cost to Earth and society?
Fast fashion brands are turning up everywhere,
thanks to the convinience of social media – but
nobody tells you about what materials are used,
where it was made and by who.

For the sake of E arth and our own mental health,
we need to slow down. Think about what we need
in our closets. What voice do you want your
money to have? We have to stop buying into
trends, and start buying into style – because style
never dies. In the undying words of Karl Lagerfeld:
”Trendy is the last stage before tacky.”
So now i ’m calling all good girls out there.
Let ’s stand together in the name of society,
nature, mental health and style.
Let ’s show the powerhouses in the world, that the
voice belongs to the people – not the rich and corrupt.
Let them know the power we behold, when
we all stand together!
Let ’s take a breath, slow down and then…