At Burgaya the process to ensure sustainable and slow fashion is as follows:

You choose a design and choose to get it made in a standardsize or tailored for you.
In this way we ensure the best fit – and therefore the most use – of the garment.

All current and future collections are and will be made with organic fibers, harvested responsibly – or recycled textiles.
I always look for certifications and research the suppliers thoroughly.
The majority of textiles used for the newest collection good girl gone RIOT is made from organic cotton and all are dyed with biodegradable inks, with next to no use of water.

We ensure minimum waste – as we don’t hold stock, and get textiles from suppliers with no minimum purchase requirements.
Apart from the abovementioned, the fabricsuppliers work with local water-waste managers and the fabricscraps or returned fabrics, are donated to designers or used as filling in furniture or isolation.

And there you go – slow, sustainable fashion.

Sustainability is such a wide term. It concerns every aspect of a business – how you treat your employees, where you get your supplies from, clever design, down to the packaging and recycling in the stores.

That is why the focus at Burgaya is not only original design to make women feel empowered in their skin, but clever design and good craftsmanship.

We live in a world where everything is fastpaced – you can click home a poorlymade t-shirt in 2 days – you can even take fasttrack online degrees.
We are too busy and impatient, and it is hurting us mentally and our enviornment – it is not a sustainable way of living, and it is showing! Young people – the ones taking most advantage of this lifestyle – are proven to be more stressed and anxious than ever before!

We need to go back to appreciating the fruits of hard work and teach the young generations that it pays off in the long term and get away from the addiction to instant gratification.

Hard work pays off and can always be seen in the final product.

Good craftmanship lasts. Clever design lasts.
We just forgot how it feels like to wear a perfectly fittet garment.

If the garment is well made, it will last through many washings and wears. If the garment is designed in a clever manner, it will last through years. We need clothing that can be put together in different ways for different occasions – hot and cold weather. Clothing that can easily be tailored years after the purchase to fit into your current taste.
And that is Burgaya’s mission.